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Our Services

  • Mobile Development

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone
    • BlackBerry
    • PhoneGap
    • Kindle-Fire

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  • Legacy Migration

    • Architecture Driven Modernisation (ADM)
    • OMG Compliant Tools
    • Parsing Techniques
    • Syntax Tree Meta Model
    • Automated Transformation

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  • Technical Consulting

    • Custom Software
    • Web Application Development
    • Mobile Apps
    • System Integration
    • Database Solutions
    • Cloud Deployment

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    Amazon Web Services

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    Google App Engine

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    Windows Azure

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    Sql Server

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    Windows Phone

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    Mongo DB

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Client Testimonials


Shaz Rajput

Senior developer Walmart

"Great expertise on Oracle database and Hibernate while working on our project. They also developed an architecture in such a way that the there is no dependency in terms of the database vendor. Just amazing what these guys can do!"


Marcelo Assuncao

TI Banco Itau

"Uma equipe fantástica e muito profissional de técnicos que nos ajudaram a atualizar um dos nossos sistemas Legacy."

About Us

Specialist Software Development / Managed Cloud Service provider ready to help companies and organisations innovate.

Based in the UK, WORPCLOUD provides technical services inc; Mobile App Development, Web Apps, Bespoke Enterprise Application Development (e.g. ERP), API Design, SQL & No-SQL Database Development / Migration and Managed Cloud Computing Services.

We understand no two clients are the same. For this reason, we create a unique process for each client to ensure business objectives are met and success is achieved. We do this by following an ‘Agile’ development methodology, working in short iterative sprints, validating our decisions along the way. This allows us to de-risk projects, reduce the costs and critically; to rapidly achieve solutions that meet our clients business requirements.

Technological Scope

Cloud Solutions


Database Solutions


Legacy Migration


Mobile Solutions


Our Founders

We are passionate about building innovative cloud and mobile solutions that marry the visibility, control, costs and security needs of the enterprise; with the freedom, ease and intuitive UX demanded by modern enterprise employees. Our founding team brings more than IT business expertise to WORPCLOUD. They share a passion to build a company that actually makes a difference to the lives of our enterprise clients, the community and the population at large.

  • avatar-team
    Bamborde Balde
    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Bamborde is an IT consultant with solid experience in agile software development, management and infrastructure risk assessment. He brings the international factor to WORPCLOUD through his experience and network connections gained while working across Europe, South America and Africa. He is also very interested in cloud interoperability and application of cloud technologies to healthcare.

  • avatar-team
    Liam Shore
    Co-Founder & Operations Director

    Liam is a security consultant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology and Master’s Degree in Computer Network Security along with experience in Java and a keen interest in Virtualisation & new technologies. Following up on his thesis on security monitoring of cloud environments, he brings to worpcloud a fresh new perspective of building & integrating robust security into the cloud. He loves playing puzzle games.

  • avatar-team
    Arun Shanmughan
    Co-Founder & Technical Director

    Software developer with experience as a Software Architect, Chief Programmer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer and J2EE Developer with proven success in Designing, Developing and Testing; Web, Desktop and Middle-ware development with specialised expertise in Java/JEE, .Net, Oracle, ATG Commerce, Cloud computing, etc. He brings to WORPCLOUD his strong Analytical, Logical and Problem solving skills.

  • avatar-team
    Jakob Jenkov
    Technical Partner      

    An entrepreneur, author and software developer focused on efficiency - analysing and conveying ideas of efficiency across various domains is what drives him. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from RUC, and a Masters in IT from ITU. Jakob has worked with web technologies since 1998 and in particular with Java since 1999. The majority of his time from 2000 to 2011 was spent as an independent Java developer for IBM, CSC, Nordea, SDC etc.

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